90210 Zip Code

Zip code 90210 corresponds to the city of Beverly Hills, California. Here are some notable businesses and attractions in that area:

  1. Rodeo Drive: Famous for its luxury shopping, Rodeo Drive is home to high-end fashion boutiques and designer stores.
  2. Beverly Hills Hotel: A historic and iconic luxury hotel known for its pink exterior and frequented by celebrities.
  3. Beverly Hills City Hall: An architectural landmark and popular tourist spot.
  4. Greystone Mansion and Park: A historic estate and park offering tours, events, and beautiful gardens.
  5. Beverly Gardens Park: A scenic park featuring the iconic Beverly Hills sign, gardens, and walking paths.
  6. The Beverly Wilshire Hotel: Another luxurious hotel known for its elegance and opulence.
  7. Spago Beverly Hills: A renowned restaurant owned by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, offering fine dining and celebrity sightings.
  8. Beverly Hills Public Library: A modern public library offering a variety of resources and programs.

These are just a few examples of the many businesses and attractions located in the 90210 zip code area.