90027 Zip Code

Zip code 90027 is located in Los Angeles, California. Here are some businesses and attractions that may be found within this zip code:

  1. Griffith Observatory: A renowned landmark offering telescopes for stargazing, planetarium shows, and panoramic views of the city.
  2. Greek Theatre: An outdoor amphitheater hosting concerts and events in a picturesque setting within Griffith Park.
  3. Los Feliz Village: A trendy neighborhood with boutique shops, cafes, restaurants, and cultural attractions.
  4. Hollywood Forever Cemetery: A historic cemetery where many celebrities are buried, often hosting events and film screenings.
  5. Barnsdall Art Park: Home to the Hollyhock House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, as well as art galleries, classes, and events.
  6. Los Angeles Zoo: Located in Griffith Park, the zoo is home to a diverse array of animals and offers educational programs and exhibits.
  7. Thai Town: A vibrant neighborhood with authentic Thai restaurants, markets, and cultural events.
  8. Vista Theatre: A classic movie theater known for its historic architecture and independent film screenings.

These are just a few examples of the businesses and attractions that can be found within zip code 90027.