Pacific Park

Pacific Park is one of the leading tourist attractions in Southern California, and its also the only amusement park on a pier on the USA’s west coast! Pacific Park’s attractions include twelve thrilling theme park rides, plus a selection of games, shops and food outlets.

The park is situated on Santa Monica Pier, just a few minutes away from downtown Santa Monica, and with a fantastic view over the city and the Pacific Ocean. The pier itself is a California landmark, as it was built over 100 years ago. It was a popular tourist destination from the start, and since the opening of Pacific Park in 1996 it now attracts more visitors than ever.

The attractions at Pacific Park are suited to families, with some of the most popular including the Pacific Wheel Ferris Wheel, the swinging Sea Dragon pirate ship and the rollercoaster West Coaster, which circles the entire perimeter of the park. For younger visitors, there are children’s rides including a miniature version of the Sea Dragon called Ship Ahoy and the amphibian-themed bouncing drop tower Frog Hopper.

Tickets for the rides cost $3 to $5, or alternatively you can get an unlimited ride wristband for $22.95. The park is open from May to September each year, and in the summer months it stays open as late as 12.30am on weekends, to cater for older thrill seekers. If theme park rides aren’t for you, there’s still plenty to do in Pacific Park. There is a wide variety of games, including many amusement park classics such as Wac-A-Mole and Break A Plate, where you have the chance to win prizes such as teddies and blow up toys.

If you get hungry during your visit to Pacific Park, there is a variety of food outlets to choose from including established names such as Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Plus of course you can get all the traditional amusement park treats such as ice cream cones, candyfloss (or cotton candy as the Americans call it), burgers and hot dogs. While at the park you can also pick up souvenirs and gifts for your friends and family back home, including t-shirts, jewellery and even pebbles from the Santa Monica beach!

Tour & Pricing Options

  • Wheel and Meal Deal from $15
  • Unlimited Ride Wristband from $21
  • Fun and Food Deal from $31
  • Fun to the Max Deal from $35

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