90013 zip code

The 90013 zip code in Los Angeles, California, is home to a variety of businesses reflecting the diverse urban landscape of downtown LA. Some of the types of businesses you can find in this area include:

  1. Restaurants and cafes: There are numerous eateries ranging from casual dining spots to upscale restaurants offering a wide range of cuisines including American, Mexican, Japanese, Italian, and more.
  2. Art galleries and studios: The Arts District within the 90013 zip code is known for its vibrant art scene, with numerous galleries, studios, and exhibition spaces showcasing local and international artists.
  3. Retail stores: You can find boutique shops, fashion boutiques, vintage stores, and specialty shops offering unique and eclectic merchandise.
  4. Entertainment venues: The area is home to entertainment venues such as theaters, music venues, and performance spaces hosting concerts, live shows, and cultural events.
  5. Tech startups and creative businesses: With its proximity to Silicon Beach and a thriving creative community, the 90013 zip code is also home to tech startups, design studios, advertising agencies, and other creative businesses.
  6. Bars and nightlife: There are bars, lounges, and clubs catering to diverse tastes, offering nightlife options ranging from craft cocktails to live music and dance parties.

Overall, the 90013 zip code is a bustling urban area with a mix of businesses catering to residents, tourists, and professionals working in downtown Los Angeles.